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Healing Therapeutics & Massage

Amanda W., LMT, PTA

Release, Relax, Unwind




Having a background in Physical therapy (Physical Therapist Assistant, associates degree), I feel confident in my understanding of the human body, especially when it comes to recovery from injury, surgery, trauma, etc.  I have a passion for making my clients feel better in general, especially when it comes to dealing with pain, and muscle tension.  I love to research techniques and stay up on current advancements.  


I specialize in:

Cupping/myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, gua-sha, or use of specific tools (IASTM), used for tendonitis scar tissue mobilization, reflexology, trigger point therapy for TMJ symptoms, neck, back, shoulder pain and limited range of motion (including rotator cuff repair and frozen shoulder). Relief for migraines and tension headaches. Techniques for symptoms of sciatica, carpal tunnel & thoracic outlet syndromes (symptoms in extremities such as numbness, tingling, shooting pain in hands, legs and feet). Treatment of degenerative or herniated disc.

I can also incorporate himalayan salt ball, manual traction of vertebrae, and joint mobilization. 


I prefer to customize sessions to each individual's needs, therefore I can focus on one or more areas of concern, varying session times as needed (30-90 minutes).  A wide variety of the above mentioned techniques can be combined in one session. 

Infrared sauna

Tons of health benefits including: Detox, increase metabolism/ weight loss, improve heart health, boost immune system, reduce severity of diabetes symptoms, fight cancer cells,  fight inflammation, aid in muscle recovery, decrease anxiety and depression, improve sleep, collagen production/ anti-aging/ skin benefits & more!

Cupping (or myofascial decompression) is a very effective modality, especially great for tight, overworked and tense areas, where trigger points and adhesions tend to occur.  It increases circulation and lymphatic drainage, and feels so relieving for tight areas. If you like deep pressure, you will love cupping. 

Assisted stretching

Most of us don't stretch enough, or correctly, even if we think we do.  Although I am not practicing PT currently (I do maintain my license), I do possess the education, knowledge and experience in providing clients with effective assisted stretching, which helps increase muscle flexibility, decrease cramping and likelihood of injury, and much more!

Craniosacral is one of the most calming techniques available, for the mind, nervous system, and the whole body.  It is different than massage, and very subtle.  A few symptoms it helps with: anxiety, depression, headaches, fascial restriction, chronic pain, addiction recovery, PTSD, trauma recovery.. and much more!

30 min. - $45

60 min-$90

90 min.-$135

A "tune-up" designed specifically for someone who has one certain area of concern, needing more than one session within a few weeks or months. 

Great for focus on upper body or a couple areas, or just a relaxing full body massage.

Ideal for focus on several areas, or full body with extra attention to more than one area.

*Pricing above is for relaxation massage, request to use deeper pressure or CBD cream- up to $10 extra (craniosacral, cupping, scraping, reflexology and essential oils at no additional charge.)

Can do 2 hours if specially requested, I do charge more than 60 min X 2 for this, please inquire.



7985 hwy. 35

Bigfork, Mt.



Tel: 406-697-0838 

schedule via text, phone or e-mail, please contact for availability!

I require at least 24 hours notice to avoid fee for session.

Thanks for submitting!

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