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Self care is not selfish

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

It warms my soul to see more people are waking up to this. Self care and wellness are vital to our overall health, especially in trying times when stress is high. I'm not only referring to pampering yourself, for relaxation, which is also super important. I'm referring to therapeutic massage for manual stretching of muscles, passive range of motion for joint health, cupping for myofascial release, decrease in adhesions, improved alignment, decompression of vertebrae/ joints, addressing specifics such as tendinitis, TMJ and scar tissue, decreasing toxins, lymphatic drainage, increase In cerebrospinal fluid flow, increase in dopamine and serotonin, stress relief, releasing trauma from tissues, and so much more. I've been so lucky to be busy and successful the last 6 months, and I think/ hope I've helped folks with the above mentioned.

The cost of everything, as we all know is going up, therefore, as of 1/1/23 I am raising my rates slightly, but I am also adding new services, offering online booking as an option, as well as constantly researching and learning more, to better help my clients. I will regularly run specials to show my appreciation and keep my clients happy ☺️

Thank you so much to all of my clients, I appreciate all of you, and would not be so happy and successful without you!

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